The symptoms of anemia depend on its causes and its seriousness

The symptoms of anemia depend on its causes and its seriousness


Anemia is also called a lack of blood, Anemia occurs when the amount of RBC (red blood cells) in the blood is less than normal.Red blood cells contain hemoglobin, an iron-rich protein that helps in carrying oxygen to the blood cells. But if there is anemia, the amount of hemoglobin is reduced and the body does not get enough oxygen.

Under the World Health Organization, men should have 13 gm hemoglobin in one desilitre blood and 12 gm of hemoglobin in one desilitre blood in women. If there is lesser amount of blood, then there is a lack of blood.

The main reasons for the lack of blood are- Reduction of red blood cells (RBC) production, excessive destruction of RBC or excessive damage to the blood due to an accident or illness.

Those who have any chronic disease (those diseases which are long and growing with time such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma and thyroid) are more likely to have anemia. Some physiological conditions such as menstrual bleeding, pregnancy, ulcers, stomach disorders, cancer, bleeding disorder, iron deficiency, deficiency of folic acid, and lack of vitamin B12 can also lead to anemia. In some cases, anemia can also be hereditary disease, which has been going on in the family for a long time.
The symptoms of anemia depend on its causes and its seriousness. The common symptoms are fatigue, yellowing of the skin, fast or irregular heartbeat, breathlessness, burning in the chest, dizziness, headache, not wounding of the wound, hand-foot cooling, decrease of energy Come, hair fall and high pressure of blood pressure.

You can take a few simple steps to treat blood deficiency at home only. To increase your hemoglobin level, follow any of the below steps :-

1. Beetroot : Beetroot is highly beneficial in anemia caused by iron deficiency. Iron, fiber, calcium, potassium, sulfur and vitamin are in abundance in it.

Along with this, it nourishes the body, keeps it clean and helps in providing enough oxygen to the organs. As a result, red blood cells grow in the body.

Cut a medium-sized beetroot with three carrots and half a sweet potato. Now prepare juices by putting them in juices. Eat this juice once daily.

You can also use beet sugar as a vegetable or salad. To take more advantage, take the beetroot with peeled.

2. Blackstrap Molasses : Shakira is considered to be a nutritional power house. Especially for patients suffering from blood loss.
It is a good source of iron, vitamin B and other essential minerals that increase the production of red blood cells. A large spoon can provide 15 percent of our body’s daily iron requirement.

Mix one cup of hot water or a big spoonful of milk in the milk. Take it once or twice a day. This drink is beneficial for pregnant women.

Another option is to consume two-two spoon shear and apple cider vinegar (apples of apple) in one cup of water.

3. Spinach : Incorporating green spinach in your diet is an effective treatment for anemia. Spinach contains excessive iron, as well as vitamin B12, folic acid, and energy-enhancing nutrients.

One and a half cup spinach soup can satisfy our body’s daily needs of 35 percent iron and 33 percent of folic acid.
Eat spinach soup twice a day.

To make soup, make the spinach juice by putting it in a juicer with a little water. Now heat a spoon olive oil in a cup juice, two onion garlic buds and a little chopped onion. Heat it until it becomes brown. Now put a little more spinach juice on top and mix salt according to the taste and take 5-10 minutes of roasted roast on the pan. Your spinach’s soup is ready.

You can also consume two teaspoons of honey in a glass spinach juice.

Take this measure consistently every day for a month.

Take a ripe banana twice a day with a spoon of honey.

Or take a banana mashup with a spoon of amla juice. Do it two to three times a day.

9. Dried Black Raisins : Due to high concentrations of iron and vitamin C in dry black raisins, it is a very effective home remedy in the treatment of blood loss. Vitamin C increases the blood’s ability to absorb iron in the body and increases blood pressure and hemoglobin.

Keep 10 to 12 black dried raisins soaked in water at night.Separate their seeds in the morning.Take them before eating empty stomach breakfast everyday.

Do this treatment for at least one month.

10. Menthi (Fenugreek) : Iron is also rich in methi, which helps in maintaining iron balance in blood. It also promotes the production of new red blood cells. Both methi seeds and leaves are beneficial in the treatment of anemia.

Cook two teaspoons of coriander seeds in a cup of rice and cook it. Add salt to taste once a day. Make this remedy daily for at least three weeks.

You can use Menthi (Fenugreek) leaves as a vegetable, salad or soup.

Treatments given on the benefits of anemia or blood loss patients are beneficial to increase the amount of red blood cells.

At the same time, to survive anemia, it is necessary to consume regular balanced diet and live healthy lifestyle.

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