Understanding branded clothing, you will not be fooled by these 10 ways to identify the real

Understanding branded clothing, you will not be fooled by these 10 ways to identify the real


In this fashion fashion, youth are competing to buy branded clothes. Everyone is brand conscious about their clothes, shoes, but how often does it happen that those who buy us as branded are actually copies of them. We get cheated on the brand name. If this happened to you, then do not worry now. Today, we will give you some tips that will be less likely to cheat if you pay attention while shopping. IA Tips to Identify Branded Clothing …

All copies are available in branded clothing market. In such a way, it is not a big deal to buy a fraud by mistake, but do you know that there are many such specialties in branded clothing that everybody can not copy. Today we will introduce you to these nuances, from which you can easily identify branded clothes.



You can identify branded clothing by paying attention to his stitching. Stitching of branded clothing should be straight, neat and uniform. The thread used in stitching should be the same. Look at the button shown in the picture. If the name of the brand is written in the screw under the button, that means it is not a normal screw. So that means it’s original.


Branded clothing zips are very smooth and have good quality. It is very easy to identify with the zip cloth. Open it fast and close it. Doing this will give you an idea. One more thing to note is that most branded clothes are written on the name of the brand on the zip.


The brand name is written on the branded clothing button, whereas there is a simple button on the copy clothing. Next time shopping, consider the button.


Generally we buy branded clothes by identifying them with their tags, but their copy in the market is being sold by putting the tag exactly the same. The next time you go to the market, you identify the tag instead of looking at the tag. There are a number of brands that tag in the linings of clothing that can help them to be recognized correctly.

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