Virtual Anchor will read news on TV, the world’s first such experiment in China –

China has developed a virtual anchor to deliver the news –

 virtual anchor

  • This virtual anchor made by Chinese search engine \ ‘Sogo \’
  • According to Xinhua – he can work 24 hours a week

China on Thursday presented a virtual news reader. It works on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology. China’s official news agency Xinhua has posted a video about two minutes on its twitter account. Claims that these Artificial News anchors will read the same news as professional news readers read the news. This will also reduce the cost of production.


Virtual Anchor will read news on TV, the world’s first such experiment in china

The sound of this virtual anchor, the movement of the lips and the gestures are exactly like the real anchor.

24 hours can work continuously: According to Xinhua, virtual news anchors can work for their website and social media channels for 24 hours continuously. It will not cost too much. It will be useful to read breaking news from time to time.

The role of Chinese search engine in creating this: The Chinese search engine ‘Sogo’ plays an important role in making this virtual anchor. He has invented this technology for Xinhua. According to Xinhua, this virtual anchor is neither a robot nor a person’s 3D digital model. This is an animation that looks like a real person.

The first word of the virtual anchor – Hello, you are watching English news program

A video of this virtual news anchor posted on their official Twitter account by the Xinhua News Agency. The video that has been posted is its English version and its second version is also presented in Chinese language.

In his first video, Virtual Anchor says, “Hello, you are watching the English news program. I will work continuously to give you notifications because continuous text will continue to be typed in front of me. I will present you the information in a new way, which will give you a new experience. ”



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