Your phone has the apps of these 7 large banks, delete it immediately;

Your phone has the apps of these 7 large banks, delete it immediately;

Your phone has the apps of these 7 large banks, delete it immediately;

Android smartphones often reside in disputes. On the day the Google Play Store stores information about many fake and virus apps. Now another report has come out in which claims are being claimed that there are 7 major banks’ fake apps present on the Google Play Store that are stealing data from millions of customers and sending them to hackers.Its information is given by Sophos Labs, a company related to information technology security in a report in its report. So let’s know which bank’s fake apps are located on Google Play Store and you have not downloaded fake apps anywhere.

Among the banks which have been alleged to have fake applications are the State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Citibank, Indian Overseas Bank, Bank of Baroda and Yes Bank.

According to the report, these fake applications have also stolen the details of the debit and credit card of the customers. According to the report, these apps give incentives for download, install and use of consumers by promising award including cash back, free mobile data and debt of no interest.


However, Citibank has dismissed this report by the end. The Bank has written to Sophos Lab in writing that its name should be removed from the report. Yes Bank has said that the Cyber ​​Fraud Department of the bank has been conveyed to this. State Bank of India has not responded so far. There is no response from ICICI and Axis Bank. In the next slide, find out how to identify fake apps.

`Before downloading any mobile app from the Google Play Store, check out who has created that app. For example, if you have to download the App of State Bank of India, firstly, you will find the State Bank of India SBI Google Play Store. After this click on any of the SBI apps that are available. Now you will find information about the app’s features with photos. Right below the photo will be the option of Read More. Click on it and then check out Offered By and Developer.

If the SBI and Developer in the Off-bye also have the name of SBI, then download the app otherwise, do not download it. Another way is to visit the website of the bank’s app to download, you will find a link to download the app.


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